Why We Don’t Offer a Free Trial

Many Email Service Providers who offer free trials can do so primarily because their services are setup by an automatic process and without the involvement of their staff. The reason they can do this is because their system pools multiple clients together and all emails are sent from this pool. While this makes it easier for them to run their business, it also has a significant downside. If one person in the pool has bad email addresses or is spamming then it can negatively impact the other companies using that pool. If your email is part of that pool then your sender reputation can be negatively impacted which could hamper deliverability in the future.

With Bamboo Cricket each and every email account is setup with the personal assistance of a Customer Service Representative who takes the time to provide you with your own dedicated IP address so you are separate from anyone else. This allows you as a business to establish a strong mailing record and positively impact your ability to deliver email into all Internet Service Providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL etc.

We are sure you can understand that this personal Customer Service Representative component and the time spent with each new customer prohibits us from being able to offer a free trial but it does allow us to offer a higher quality service.

Free Email Reputation Report
(Why we don't offer a free trial)

Like a credit score, your reputation as an email sender directly effects the deliverability of your messages. Our customized report will include your senders score based on the same type of extensive data that mailbox providers such as ISP’s, spam filtering and security companies use to determine whether to accept or reject email. Sign-up below:


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Individually or as a bundle, only Bamboo Cricket offers a complete solution!

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